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Mobile and Internet plans are for addresses in Quebec province and Great Ottawa area only.

** Fizz is a flanker brand of Vidéotron, both mobile and internet run on top of Vidéotron's mobile & internet networks. **

You'll receive $40 one time bonus if you use referral code KMCFB when you register Fizz Mobile or internet.  (End in Jul-12-2022, after it's $25 only)

* ALL plans ( including $10 sms only plan)  have free 250M/month data add on, which can be applied after account is activated. This add-on will increase 250m mobile data per month for your account.

Step 1) Click here to register an account:
Step 2) Buy a sim card for $10 and free shipping. After tax, it's $11.30 in Ontario or $11.50 in Quebec. Ship to Ottawa or Quebec addresses only. 
Step 3) You'll get the sim card in 2 days, activate your sim with KMCFB as  referral code, you'll get $25 bonus;
Step 4) Customize your internet or Mobile plan , such as basic phone plan $9/month, OR unlimited Canada call/sms $25 with Unlimited call +1G data, or more data up to 20g/month; Or unlimited internet plan $30/month and up.
(If you're in Ottawa, make sure you choose CANADA as coverage, not Quebec).
(Optional) Inside Step 4, you can port your phone number in 5 mins, just make sure you input correctly old cell phone account in he porting page.
Fizz Mobile





Internet plan is as low as $30/month with FREE Wireless router, FREE self installation, and no contract

Fizz Internet

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I,  Yes Quebec only coverage $12/month SMS Plan can cover Ottawa just fine.  This plan give you unlimited international text message. Yes International text messages plan.

II, We're not associated with Fizz . Please visit Fizz Mobile website for any questions. 

 III, You can also receive Fizz referral code by SMS to 613-777-9888 or 514-312-2000 .

IV, Please visit  to join FREE Fizz Data Telegram group