How to use $6 and get 5 months cell phone service with unlimited Canada call + text ?

This guide is for Quebec Province and Ottawa residents only. Please ignore if you're in other places. 

Chinese version (中文版), Please check this page.

 (If you are outside of Quebec and Ottawa, but have access to Quebec or Ottawa shipping address, this guide still apply. You do need add $2/month extra for your plan for Canada wide coverage)

There is a work out to get 5 months cell phone plan with Unlimited Canada wide calls + unlimited SMS for only $6.  Please follow steps below and everybody can do it.

Step 1:  Register a Koho virtual Visa card with guide here:

Please fill $6 with e-transfer, then you have $6 in your Koho debit visa card. 

Step 2:  Register Fizz Mobile with our guide here and buy a SIM card for $5 ($5.75 tax included for QC): 

If you're in Quebec, your left balance is $6 -$5.75 + $20 Koho bonus= $20.25

Step 3: When you have wifi, use your phone to download app TextNow

(TextNow is available in both IOS and Android), it's Free app which offers unlimited Canada wide phone call & SMS. 

SIM card should arrive in 2 or 3 days, delivered to your door.

Step 4:  After you received sim card, login to and activate your sim card.

Please make sure you referral code KMCFB to get $25 referral bonus.


Please choose this plan below. Total is $8 plus tax ($9.2 for Quebec)

* No data, no call,  no SMS

* Quebec wide coverage  (cover Ottawa too, confirmed by many users)


After payment, your left balance is $20.25 - $9.2 = $11.05

Please apply the 500M data perk (so you can have mobile data immediately) and 250M monthly data upgrade (so you'll have data next month). Then you can use TextNow to call/receive call when you don't have wifi. 

Wait one more month, $11.05 left in Visa will be enough to cover you 2nd month invoice $9.20 . And you will receive $25 bonus credit after 2nd invoice paid. $25 is before tax credit so it's enough to cover your 3 months $8 charge, which is $24. 

All in all. You paid only $6 and you get 5 months cell phone service with Unlimited phone call (through Fongo) + Unlimited worldwide SMS (Fizz)

Step 5: You need pay in 6th month.

Either add some money in Koho visa card, or you add your other credit card for future payment. $8/month carry forward. 

Thanks for reading.