Unlimited Internet or Cell Phone Plan as low as $25/month . Please call or SMS toll free 1-800-880-1234 , or WhatsApp/Wechat 613-888-1 1 1 1

Mobile Phone Plans (No contract, No Credit Check,Unlimited Call/Text)

Koodo Mobile plan $30 20GB data

$30 for 20GB data, Koodo prepaid plans. Free activation, Free SIM Card, Unlimited Call/SMS with Data (Varied by price). Also you can get $50 referral bonus up to $150 per year.

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$1 SIM Card -Free call to 30 countries such as India, USA and Eureop

No Contract. No Credit Check Mobile Plan with Free long distance to 30 countries and LTE high speed data  (Monthly is $35 & up ). No contract, No credit check

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( Ottawa & Quebec only ) FREE $50 credit for Fizz internet or Mobile plan starting from $10/month

Quebec OR Ottawa area code only, Free $25 credit for any Fizz Internet or Mobile plan starting from $10/month. with LYMG8 referral code.

* FREE SMS incoming work overseas such as North America/Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia/South America

* Roaming Data outside of Canada need extra cost

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